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Redaction and Meta data stripping for email and web

SECURE Information Governance Platform

Redaction removes confidential information, ensuring that it cannot be read.



Why redact?  Adaptive Redaction, developed by Clearswift, scans email and web content - text, Microsoft Office, PDF and HTML files - automatically identifying and removing both the ‘visible’ and ‘invisible data’ which breaks policy  - credit card numbers, patient ids, Medicare numbers etc. - then continues to deliver to the intended recipient without ‘stopping and blocking’.

Why adaptive? Redaction is triggered according to your own security policies - any combination of content, recipient, sender  - making it an ‘adaptive’ process.

  • Adaptive redaction uses the same pattern analysis as Data Leak Prevention to reduce administrative burden and simplify deployment.
  • Predefined templates assist with implementation, such as the included credit card number pattern matching and redaction rule.
  • Sensitive information is identified and obscured automatically by the SECURE Gateway prior to delivery, even when you forget.
  • Confidential data is obscured on-the-fly so that users no longer need to redact documents manually.
  • This feature speeds up collaboration by reducing manual intervention by users and administrators in data security.

Redaction and sanitization options

  • redactionData Redaction uses advanced pattern matching and phrases to replace sensitive data, like credit card numbers, with ‘X’ symbols.
  • Data Sanitization removes sensitive (and often invisible) meta data embedded in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and PDF files, preventing access by third parties.
  • Structural Sanitization automatically identifies and removes active content from Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), PDF and HTML files, thereby preventing the spread of malware.

How it works

Data Leak Prevention

As email is central to business communications, your organization needs a high-quality email filtering solution to check for potential violations (accidental or otherwise) without hampering business-critical data flow. Support for multi byte languages such as Japanese also allows for protection against data leakage in any language or character set.

The content engine performs deep content inspection on email and web traffic at the gateway, providing full visibility of:

  • Message headers
  • Senders and recipients
  • Subject lines
  • Message bodies
  • Attachments and their contents
  • Headers and footers of documents
  • Meta data on documents such as Microsoft File Classification Tags; author, title and creation date.

Identifies sensitive data during email filtering

The deep content inspection engine is responsible for:

  • True file type detection
  • Text extraction
  • Text scanning.

Scanning for textual items within messages and attachments allows for the detection and redaction of sensitive information before it leaves your gateway, including:

  • Social security numbers
  • Credit card numbers
  • Banking codes
  • Profanity
  • Confidentiality clauses
  • Your own defined expressions and regular expressions
  • Expressions based around Boolean (AND, OR, XOR, ANDNOT) and positional operators (NEAR, BEFORE, AFTER, and FOLLOWEDBY)Dictionaries containing expressions that can be created by clients; pre-defined dictionaries are also available, including for GLBA, HIPAA, SOX and PCI.

 *Source: Forrester Research.

Why this is different

Unlike our competitors, the Secure Information Governance Platform contains in-house technology to extract information from files rather than relying upon 3rd party components to carry out the task.

This gives the unique ability to not only extract the text from a file but also to be able to remove or substitute information within the file and then to recreate the changed file. It is this in-house DCI technology which makes Adaptive Redaction possible.

Use cases


  • Simple replacement of key words or phrases, for example M&A code words.
  • Replacement of tokens such as National Insurance number or Social security Numbers. In the specific case of a Credit Card number, the number can be replaced with X’s except for the final 4 digits.
  • Removal of all meta-data to prevent company specific information such as author names and departments from leaking outside the organization
  • Removal of all version information on outgoing quote documents so no previous versions which could contain embarrassing mark-ups from other quotes, or sensitive changes in pricing information. The following capabilities are supported:
    • Remove all or selected document property groups, including custom and even “unexpected” (or rogue) properties in the wrong property group.
    • Remove all Tracked changes or Fast Save data from Word or PDF files
  • Secure transfer of information outside the organization.


  • Social network sites which have corporate pages that are blocked due to profanity contained in comments can be safely viewed, with redaction automatically removing the profane words.
  • Removal of incoming credit card numbers. For some organizations, receiving credit card numbers is a headache. Text redaction assures that even if a credit card number is sent, it is never received; thereby removing the challenges with having to manage it and the document it was in. Support for text redaction will include the following information formats: Word / Excel / PowerPoint (Microsoft Office 2007 and later), PDF, RTF, HTML and text.
  • Removal of all active content in documents that are received through email or the web, to reduce the likelihood of malware infection.


  • Manage the internal distribution of sensitive content
  • Enable ethical walls between business groups without interrupting workflow


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